Freelance Copywriting and Content Development Company Open for Business!


Thanks to the helpful insights and advice of friends, customers and colleagues, (Manish, Rebecca, Flavio, Kevin, Michelle, Dave and Jack– just to name a few), I am pleased to announce that Content Squared is ready to make its debut! The new company provides freelance copywriting and content development services, in addition to design and desktop publishing.

What We Do – Freelance Copywriting and Content Development

Content Squared is a business-to-business marketing company. It specializes in the creation of high-quality, brand-aligned content, which big agencies invariably fail to deliver, economically. We understand the information needs of technical audiences. Further, we understand the concept of the “considered purchase.” Our goal is to make the complex, simple, and also, compelling. Technical buyers want the details but they also appreciate creativity!

Why We’re Called Content Squared

Why is the company called Content Squared? I’ve always been a big brand guy … and I think it’s important that both internal and external audiences understand a brand’s value proposition … or if you prefer, a brand’s promise. Thus, while it’s critical for companies to leverage their websites and load them with helpful content, some care should be given to ensuring that content also “squares” with the brand’s intrinsic meaning. Hence, Content Squared.

What We Offer

And for those that think more mathematically, here’s how we elevate our value by the power of two:

  • Project-Ready Speed: Over 25 years of client-side B2B communications experience. We get up to speed fast.
  • Single-Source Simplicity: We can provide content for all your needs.

Mediums for Which We Develop Content

We Can Develop Entire Campaigns

If your needs are greater, we can support you. We offer proven experience in:

  • M&A Communications
  • Change-Management Communications
  • SAP and Oracle Deployment Communications
  • Brand and Product Launch Campaigns
  • Charitable Giving Campaign Development
  • Sales and Trade Promotion Programs

As the owner of Content Squared, I personally developed the concepts and copy (and often the design) for all the materials shown in the case histories on They represent just a few examples in a career spanning 25 years. 

Thank you for your interest … and let’s grab a cup of coffee sometime. I’d like to learn more about your business and how, together, we might help it grow!

Dan Sholl