Project Description

New Enterprise Software Deployment — SAP

The launch of new enterprise software, whether Oracle or SAP, often leads to debilitating effects on operations and sales. Disruptions come in the form of order-entry mistakes, incorrect shipments, pricing errors, etc. All lead to customer delays and customer frustration … and customer loss.

The Assignment

The assignment was to develop a communications and training program to minimize disruption that could otherwise alienate customers and lead to revenue loss. Internal stakeholders were pivotal to the challenge. Making them aware of the change and knowledgeable about how to maintain speed, accuracy and efficiency — order placement through delivery — were critical.

The Result

The successful communications and training kit became the model for subsequent deployments, which were plant-by-plant. In terms of actual measures:

70 percent of stakeholders felt comfortable and had facility with the new code conventions at launch.

Goal of <12 percent decrease in sales. Actual: <2 percent*

Aggregate awareness of SAP deployment/price change: 100 percent

Knowledge of new process: 100 percent

Goal of <150 reported issues per week: Actual 75*

*The 12 percent order decrease and 150 reported issues per week were experienced in the first deployment, without a formal deployment communications and training program in place.

Expected: 12% Sales Decrease. Actual: 2% Sales Decrease.
100% Awareness of SAP Deployment/Price Change at Launch
Expected: 150 Issues Per Week at Launch. Actual: 75.

“Our MIS Team commented it was the best preparation for an SAP implementation they had experienced. Dan is professional and creative.”

Hiram Rivera, Vice President - Operations, Maax

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