Project Description

Cummins – Internal Communications Campaign

Business was down. The enthusiasm for charitable giving often coincides with the health of the economy. Yet, the basic demands for food, early childhood education, and access to health care were increasing:

  • Food shelf visits increased by 39 percent
  • Only 51 percent of Minnesota children were fully prepared for kindergarten in terms of language and literacy

Foreclosure rates were at their highest since 1972

The Assignment

 Communications and its ability to create awareness and enthusiasm for the cause had been an annual challenge. Employees were not engaged with the campaigns, didn’t know what was going on, and were not clear on the methodology for giving. The assignment was to improve the efficacy of the communications, generate enthusiasm and address the following goals:

  • Increase dollar contributions to the United Way by 12.6 percent
  • Increase employee participation in the campaign to 60 percent of the employee base

The Results

 Despite the economic downturn, executive management believed the campaign was the most successful in company history. Though the goal was to increase dollar contributions by 12.6percent over the previous year, the actual increase was 21.4percent!

Contributions Increased 21.4% Year-Over-Year

“The United Way Campaign produced by After Five Marketing (now, Content Squared) was the most successful in Power Generation’s history.”

Antonio Leitao, Vice President, Cummins

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