Project Description

Eloqua CRM Program

Effective lead qualification and follow up, as part of a CRM initiative, is often elusive. The advent of Eloqua software, however, offered a solution for Cummins. It can be used to respond and interact with prospects via the web to develop an on-line relationship. A prospect’s (or current customer’s) on line digital behavior (e.g. case studies downloaded, frequency of visits, topics studied, etc.) in aggregate can be indicative of intent to purchase. Autonomously monitored, digital behavior in association with Eloqua’s internal algorithm can prompt a notice to a sales person for timely follow up. Moreover, the system can help marketers understand the causal effects between customer/prospect behavior and various media to guide future marketing strategies and tactics.

The Assignment

 The assignment was to motivate distributors to embrace the new customer relationship management system and to make better use of the leads provided. Another goal was to familiarize distributors with the (then and now) changes taking place in the technical buying process so they can respond properly, but also so they can appreciate the new CRM system better.

The Results

The solution was the development of a direct mail training kit for distributor principals and a microsite containing most of the elements of the kit for other key personnel within distribution.

Distributors were excited about the program and it helped increase usage by 70 percent.

70% Increase in Distributor Usage of CRM Tool

“Dan developed a launch kit with custom video that successfully encouraged distribution to learn the value of and leverage our sales leads.”

Flavio Mello, Global Marketing Communications Leader, Cummins Power Generation

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