Project Description

New Brand Launch – Klondike by Horton



Horton is the market leader for engine cooling fans and clutches in the on-highway and off-highway truck market. It is recognized as the premium brand and is known for innovation, quality and durability. Once a vehicle is out of warranty, however, the trend is for owners and fleet operators to choose a less expensive aftermarket option to keep their vehicle productive when the fan clutch fails. Over the last several years, competitors have been able to gain an increasing share of this lucrative business. Therefore, Horton elected to retake share by introducing a value brand — Klondike by Horton.

The Assignment

Content Squared was asked to help develop and introduce an entirely new brand of value-oriented products, while minimizing cannibalization of the Horton brand. The target market was select dealers and distributors whom would need to be convinced of the brand’s utility and, in turn, learn how to present it to their customers. Working with the Horton Team, Content Squared conducted a phased introduction into the channel and promoted it via publicity, with advertising to follow. It also developed an internal marketing campaign to engage and motivate employees associated with the new brand.

The Results

The launch took place in December 2018 and is ongoing. Early reports suggest a positive reception and strong sales by dealers and distributors.

“Though a tough assignment given potential cannibalism to the premium line, Dan maintained the integrity of our overall brand and produced an excellent launch campaign, both internally and externally.”

Kevin Albers, Marketing Manager, Horton Worldwide

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